STUDIO WOLFRAM helps organisations understand and answer seemingly simple questions: who is this person I who’s live I am trying to improve, what do they desire, aspire, fear, enjoy, expect? And how do we take the opportunities in our new understanding and turn it into new revenue for our business? Or build a new business from ‘scratch’?

Innovation is complex, and increasingly so. It demands a multi-disciplinary, holistic and practical approach led with vision and by a different kind of leadership, and is often limited in its possibilities by time and budget. It is however a necessity to stay relevant in the current environment. And the current environment is rapidly changing. The only logical solution is to start from our customer.

STUDIO WOLFRAM has broad experience in co-designing and leading complex research and innovation challenges. I aim to be your partner and work with your research, design and strategy teams towards sustainable and human-centred product and service strategies. And I aim to guide you in building your own internal innovation capabilities, so you’ll only need me once.