Constraints drive innovation, it is a widely known fact. Africa however, with all its challenges as a continent, is not considered the poster child of innovation, yet. We currently look to the US and Europe to lead us, even though Africa is generating a great deal of exciting innovation. But for Africa to ensure stable growing economies it needs to innovate faster and get involved on the global stage, at the forefront. A fear of sharing keeps us from learning faster, and broadcasting Africa for the innovation breeding ground it is. Not for a lack of trying; a range of local organisations are spending large amounts of cash to the big global consultancy firms. However, those are not able to provide them with readily implementable and contextually sensitive solutions. The answer: Africa’s first Peer-to-Peer Consultancy Club.

The Creative Leadership Collective Africa

Africa’s first Community of Innovation Strategy, Management and Practice aims to help members create an environment that excites and empowers their colleagues and partners to innovate better, to share, to learn and generate better results. The Creative Leadership Collective Africa is driven by Paul Steenkamp – I am Jack Frost – and currently has 9 Founding Friends, two years of funding and a 3rd party research partner from CPUT – Professor Mugendi M’Rithaa. I was lucky enough to be witness to this initiative’s birth, designed and facilitated it’s kick-off alignment meeting with all the members in the room for the first time and helped shape the Collective’s agenda, interaction and long-term monetisation strategies.