WeAreMonsters is a Cape Town based Venture Studio. They conceptualise, build and support new ventures that solve real-world problems in a sustainable way. Using business model disruption strategies and leveraging the latest technologies WeAreMonsters productises solutions to common commercial and social problems and inefficiencies. The world is full of junk, there is no need for more stuff, red tape and ineffective services. WeAreMonsters empowers companies and consumers alike by assessing their needs and then fulfilling those needs directly, they can take an idea from concept to market validated company in a matter of weeks.

Success in this kind of environment is about ensuring absolute systemic efficiency while inspiring creativity and creating space for problem-solving at each step of the journey. WeAreMonsters is constantly exploring and experimenting with new methodologies and tools.  Borrowing from the Google Venture Sprint methodology – a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design – and leveraging years of experience building and running design workshops, I developed and facilitated a 3 day sprint process for the WeAreMonsters team.

The 3 Day Sprint is aimed at accelerating the process from challenge to the break-down of a complex solution, the basis for a venture pitch deck. We shortcut the endless-debate cycles and compressed weeks of time into 3 days.