To address poverty, systemic inequality and unemployment, South Africa is in critical need of problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovators, as well as social and economic entrepreneurs. Providing high quality, future-fit early childhood education is a solid foundation upon which our children can grow up to be citizens of the future: ethical entrepreneurial-minded drivers of change who contribute meaningfully to South Africa, and the continent. And yet, every year, more than a million children miss out on this strong foundation for future learning. This is a national crisis.

Future Academy South Africa
To turn this around, Future Academy South Africa has developed a pragmatic, affordable model to develop high calibre ECD teachers. This artisan-inspired training prepares them to deliver high quality early learning, and upon graduation, afford them the opportunity to learn to be an entrepreneurs by running their own social franchise offering one or a combination of toddler groups, playgroups, kindergarten and/or child-minding programmes.

Currently we are working with Africa A+ Schools – who are already doing amazing work – to develop and test the value proposition and business model, and find investors to join our quest to “Make Africa Work”.

To be continued…