There is a growing gap between banks and their customers and FinTech is rapidly filling it. Startups seem to be better able to grasp what this new generation wants, needs and expects from financial services. To catch up and jump ahead, this consortium – led by Claro Partners in partnership with Anthemis – explored who the digital native is, how they choose to live their lives, what they value and expect.


  • Internal stakeholder & expert interviews
  • Learning expeditions in six cities globally
  • Academic, industry & startup expert interviews
  • Ethnographic research with digital natives
  • Mapping emerging value propositions in Fintech
  • Share-back, opportunity & design workshops with cross-functional teams of leading banks

Results A new perspective on the digital native generation, its lifestyle, values and behaviours, and a set of tools to help companies identify, develop and activate new value propositions, in order to take steps to extend their offers to them.

Consortium partners ING The Netherlands, Standard Bank of South Africa, CreditSuisse, Bank of Ireland, BBVA, Garanti Turkey