Only one out of three US renters currently has renters insurance. A lack of understanding of the product, its urgency and its appeal, have already made it a premium race to the bottom. Our client, a white-label insurance provider, needed radically new ways to sell it’s renters insurance product.


  • Ethnographic in-context interviews in NYC & LA
  • Expert industry and startup interviews
  • Immersions in analogue experiences
  • Concept development
  • In-field testing in NYC & LA
  • Lean approach: fully paper- & Slack-based process & communication across teams

Results In 12 weeks our team delivered three concepts with full market play books: two aimed at increasing policy sales through appealing contextual services and one revolutionary new insurance product. Two concepts are currently in development, and are due to be launched in 2017.

Client One of the largest white-label insurance providers in the US


Image: In a second round of interviews, we placed  ‘raw’ concepts in front of our participants – a value proposition and a hand drawing. This approach aimed to provide maximum opportunity for participants to tell us what they imagine, and for us to learn, validate, get inspired and iterate.