When you design and produce competitive semiconductor chips you need to think ahead years to determine the functionalities and features. This organisation needed to understand why and how people put trust in new technologies in a rapidly changing technology environment. New models will allow them to design for trust together with their partners and help create products that people will want to use.


  • Expert & startup interviews
  • Ethnographic research with lead users in two locations in Europe & the Bay Area
  • Workshop to examine implications for different functional groups within the organisation

Results A new perspective on the changing notion of trust, a framework for people’s risk assessment in emerging technologies and a set of principles and frameworks to support designing for trust in the new technology environment.

Client One of the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker 

Image: We interviewed Michael Nagle, Customer Advocate at GingerIO, “Technology needs to understand a person’s context to be relevant. Knowing someone’s habits is a very powerful way to build this conversation.”