The development of Industrial IoT (IIoT) is creating a shift in the (smart) manufacturing ecosystem worldwide. My team provided a holistic approach to visualizing the current state of the Smart Manufacturing value chain and identifying it’s key players within the DACH region.


  • Internal stakeholder & expert interviews
  • Identifying key players in the DACH region
  • Interviews with key ecosystem players
  • Identifying new entrants and dynamics
  • Mapping the Smart Manufacturing Landscape
  • Workshop with internal stakeholders & experts

Results Our team delivered an interactive tool laying out the IIoT landscape and key players in the DACH region. We brought together cross-functional teams and provided them with design thinking tools to explore new positioning and partnering opportunities in the IIoT ecosystem.

Client One of the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker



Images: Through a workshop at their Munich research lab, our team shared this interactive tool representing the Smart Manufacturing (IIoT) landscape in the DACH region, key players and dynamics. We designed our process to be scalable and to be repeated in other regions and IoT areas in the next years.


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